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In this episode of the career interview series, we are joined by Dr. Kalvin Chinyere an internal medicine doctor who was born in Miami, Florida and grew up in Carol City, Florida as well as Queens, New York. He shares how his parents pushed him towards medicine and he realized that it might not be the field for him but thought it was too late to change course. Kalvin shares how his experiences developed a deep belief in achieving satisfaction by not trading time for money.

Career Interview

A profile of Granville T. Woods, a mechanical and electrical engineer who received more than 60 patents for his inventions. Despite leaving school at an early age, Woods continued his education by reading, attending night school, and otherwise learning in his spare time. Many of his contributions to improved railroad safety and efficiency are still in use today.

Historical Profile

A discussion of the original 1968 version of “Night of the Living Dead”. I assume that most people have already seen the film and thus it contains some spoilers. But, I won’t be providing a full recap of the movie so you can still check it out if you’ve never seen it before.


A profile of Jo Ann Gibson Robinson, a school teacher and college professor who launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Historical Profile

The area in New York City referred to as Harlem has existed under its current name for about 360 years.
Usually, with these historical profiles, I try to be as succinct as possible and focus on just the relevant Black History. But, to understand Harlem’s present and put it in context, we need at least an overview of it’s more distant and complete past.