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In this episode of the career interview series, we are joined by Jeremy Ellis, a Travel Registered Nurse. Jeremy shares the details of how he navigated nursing school as well as how his childhood prepared him for a career that requires frequent moves.

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A profile of Benjamin Banneker, a mostly self-taught astronomer who is best known for a series of almanacs that were published in the late 1700s. Born free, Banneker received a rather limited formal education but built his knowledge through a passion for reading and self-education. He was middle-aged by the time he began studying astronomy but used his knowledge to provide useful predictions for farmers and seamen.

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Since moving to Atlanta and launching Noire Histoir in 2016 I’ve visited several Black History sites within Atlanta and neighboring states. Having journeyed to Montgomery, Alabama twice I passed Tuskegee along the way and made a mental note to visit at some point. I finally had a chance to visit in the late summer and spent part of the day on the Tuskegee University campus and the rest of the day visiting other sites.

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A profile of Elizabeth Freeman, an enslaved woman who utilized the Massachusetts State Constitution to gain her freedom. She noticed the pride that was exhibited by citizens who were proud to see their colony fighting for freedom. And was motivated to advocate for herself when she heard the new state constitution being read aloud on the street. After seeking out a lawyer, Freeman filed a suit against her owner using the state constitution to contest the legality of her enslavement.

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In today’s episode I’ll be discussing the movie Get Out. If you haven’t seen the movie already you can still listen or watch but stop when you reach the spoiler…

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