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A profile of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, one of the first doctors to perform open-heart surgery and the founder of America’s first Black-owned hospital. Dr. Williams graduated from medical school at a time when many Black doctors were prevented from practicing medicine in White hospitals. To circumvent this obstacle, he co-founded the Provident Hospital and Training School Association on the South Side of Chicago. He later performed one of the first successful open-heart surgeries on a young man who sustained severe stab wounds to the chest.

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“Queen & Slim” is a drama written by Lena Waithe and directed by Melina Matsoukas. The film tells the story of a young Black man and woman out on their first date in Cleveland, Ohio. When the date doesn’t exactly turn out to be a love connection, the two prepare to go their own way. On the drive home what should be a routine traffic stop goes wrong and the couple find themselves on the run after shooting a police officer in self-defense.

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Phillis Wheatley was born in what is present-day Senegal/Gambia around 1753 and kidnapped from West Africa around the age of seven or eight. Within one and a half years of her arriving in Boston she had quickly learned English before moving on to history, literature, and theology. While in her early 20s, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral by Phillis Wheatley became the first book published by a Black woman in America.

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A review and discussion of the book “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. “Becoming” to some degree provides a blueprint for learning to not limit your aspirations or question your suitability for success. This mental shift can set you on a path for moving beyond the parameters and low expectations with which society might try to constrain you.

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A profile of Claudia Jones, journalist, activist, and founder of the Notting Hill Carnival. Jones died at the relatively young age of 49 but spent the entirety of her adulthood advocating for race, class, and gender equality.

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