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Released in 1989, “Glory” is a modern classic film featuring Stellar performances from many actors. The movie tells the story of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, its formation, and activities during the Civil War leading up to the charge on Fort Wagner. At this point, the movie has been out for 30 years now so I’ll assume that I won’t be spoiling the movie for anyone by discussing specific events in the film.

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A profile of the Buffalo Soldiers, a moniker used to describe the six all-Black regiments that were created after the Civil War who fought in the Indian and Spanish-American Wars and protected the national parks.

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In the May 2020 edition of Noire News, I share some feel good stories about folks who are doing some good in the midst of COVID. There are also a few feature stories about the injustice system, progress in Sudan, and Joe Biden’s ignorance. As always there’s also a monthly memorial for those we’ve lost during the month.

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A profile of Pauli Murray, a civil rights activist who became a lawyer, co-founded the National Organization for Women (NOW), and later became the first Black female Episcopal priest.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The Water Dancer” was his fictional debut which told the story of Hiram, a young enslaved boy. Following the sale of his mother, Hiram finds himself struggling to remember her despite having a remarkable memory. With his craving for freedom and gifted memory, Hiram comes to the attention of the Underground, a mysterious network that helps enslaved people escape to freedom.

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