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Located on Auburn Avenue, the Apex Museum focuses on local Black history and details the story of Atlanta’s historically black Sweet Auburn Avenue neighborhood. Atlanta is located in the South and the museum certainly doesn’t shy away from the city’s controversial past. But what sets the museum apart from others is that it is completely focused on the history and experiences of Black people from a Black perspective.

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A profile of Lois Mailou Jones a visual artist whose 70-year career overlapped the 47 years she spent teaching upcoming notable Black artists at Howard University.

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On this episode of the career interview series, we are joined by Lloyd Cambridge a Small Business Educator hailing from my hometown Brooklyn, New York. Studying abroad for a semester in Madrid, Spain started out a bit rocky but ended up being a memorable life experience. Lloyd’s economics major combined with an internship at Lord & Taylor landed him a post-college job at one of his dream companies J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Since then Lloyd’s career has focused on educating and helping entrepreneurs launch and grow small businesses.

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A profile of Ahmed Sékou Touré a politician in Guinea who helped to lead the country to independence and became the first president.

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“The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace” by Jeff Hobbs tells the life story of a young man that grows up in rough and tumble East Orange right outside of Newark, New Jersey and goes on to attend Yale University. In this review, I provide a summary of the book and discuss some of it’s major themes.

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