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A profile of Dr. Patricia E. Bath, one of the first Black ophthalmologists and inventor of a laser that removes cataracts which made her the first female African-American doctor to receive a patent for a medical instrument.

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Media YouTube Video Podcast Episode Show Notes To give you a bit of background my mother’s family is from the South American country Guyana. When I speak to a lot…

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A profile of Dr. Ralph Abernathy, a WWII veteran, minister, and civil rights activist who worked closely with Dr. King on many campaigns.

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I was actually a bit surprised when I finally picked up “We’re Going to Need More Wine” and began reading. Now it’s not “War and Peace” but “We’re Going to Need More Wine” touches on several deep issues with regards to gender, race, sexual assault, and sexuality among other topics that I really didn’t expect to be covered. Granted there’s also the expected discussion of dating, Hollywood gossip, tales of life on set. What you might expect from a Hollywood memoir but the book isn’t nearly as superficial as I assumed it would be.

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A profile of the Whitelaw Hotel which was established in 1919 and developed, designed, and financed by Black professionals.

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