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In the January 2020 edition of Noire News I discuss the Mississippi Prison deaths and calls for prison reform, the East African Locust infestation, the Undersea Caribbean Earthquake, and the planned launch of the Black News Network. There is also a memorial to notable deaths in the community. To balance things out I share a bit of good news, which includes a few planned business launches, notable donations, and a story about economic empowerment.

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“A Particular Kind of Black Man” by Tope Folarin tells the story of Tunde Akinola, the son of Nigerian immigrants who settled in Utah. Released in 2019, A Particular Kind of Black Man is the first full-length title from Folarin. The story is not exactly autobiographical but is influenced by some aspects and experiences from the author’s life.

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A profile of Queen Amina, a Hausa princess who later became the warrior Queen of Zazzau an area in the Kaduna state of present-day Nigeria.

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“Before the Mayflower” by Lerone Bennett Jr is the ultimate book to read if you’re interested in Black History, especially American Black History. Originally published in 1962, the book covers the history of Black America from 1619 to 1962.

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I had high expectations for “The Coming” by Daniel Black. Over the past few years, I’ve read several books about slavery and this book caught my eye because of its focus on the Middle Passage. Positive reviews and high ratings praised “The Coming” for capturing the emotions that enslaved Africans might have felt being snatched from their villages, enduring a grueling voyage, and finding themselves traded like chattel in a strange land.

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