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If you’re interested in learning about the artist who was commissioned to paint First Lady Michelle Obama’s official portrait, then my Amy Sherald Black History Facts profile is for you.

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“Through a Lens Darkly” is a 2014 documentary directed by Thomas Allen Harris about the history of Black people in America both in front and behind the lens. The film explores how the camera has been used at various times to shape the public image of Black America. Beginning during slavery and ending in the recent past, the documentary presents and discusses photos of Black people from through the decades but also presents short profiles of notable Black photographers.

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During the Harlem Renaissance Black people became known for setting trends, defining culture, and innovating art. Black people settled in Harlem as they sought a promised land to escape the violence of the South and usually subtle hostilities of the North. Within this community, Black people would funnel their hopes and miseries into creative art forms that would define a generation and provide inspiration for many more to come.

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