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A review of the movie “John Q” which stars Denzel Washington as a father at the end of his rope and seemingly out of options who takes action in a desperate attempt to help save his son’s life. I found the healthcare scenario in the movie and its implications to be extremely fascinating. Instead of an academic documentary, the filmmakers put together a heart-pounding drama that packs an emotional punch. Where the film went left for me was with the hostage situation which seemed a bit unbelievable.

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A profile of Dr. Charles Drew, who developed a process for separating plasma from blood cells and improved techniques for blood storage.

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A profile of Dr. Matilda Evans the first Black female MD in South Carolina and a healthcare advocate for Black people as a whole but children in particular.

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“Medical Apartheid” by Harriet A. Washington charts the history of unethical medical experiments that have been conducted on Black people. The book largely focuses on discussing examples of the lack of respect or even lack of recognition of Black personhood within the medical field. But the book also tells the story of the development of medical ethical standards.

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In the Noire News March episode I’ll discuss feature stories about Black people in West and Central Africa, the United Kingdom, and America. In addition, there’s the regular monthly memorial and even a few positive stories some of which were inspired by the Coronavirus.

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