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“The Sun Does Shine” is an autobiography written by Anthony Ray Hinton about his life and experience as a wrongfully convicted man. At the age of 29, Hinton was arrested in connection with a string of robberies that left two people dead. A poor Black man living in Alabama, Hinton was unable to independently afford an attorney or mount a vigorous defense. Convicted and sentenced to death, Hinton would spend the next 28 years fighting for his freedom and his life.

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If you’re interested in learning about the first Black woman to serve as a federal judge then my Constance Baker Motley Black History Short is for you.

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In the May 2020 edition of Noire News, I share some feel good stories about folks who are doing some good in the midst of COVID. There are also a few feature stories about the injustice system, progress in Sudan, and Joe Biden’s ignorance. As always there’s also a monthly memorial for those we’ve lost during the month.

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In the February 2020 edition of Noire News I’ll be discussing feature stories about the stigma of mental illness, the injustice system, Guyana’s emergence as a player in the oil industry, the larger issues surrounding Snoop Dogg v. Gayle King, attacks on civilians in Cameroon and Nigeria. I’ll also touch on notable deaths across the diaspora and will close out with some good news and some programs you or someone you know might be interested in participating.

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“Just Mercy” is a courtroom procedural drama adapted from the 2015 New York Times Bestseller of the same name. Written by Bryan Stevenson the original book was a memoir that told the story of his experience as an attorney focused on working to appeal death row convictions. Beginning in 1989, Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) is a new Harvard grad but instead of launching his career at a cushy law firm he chooses a different path. Heading south to Alabama, Stevenson establishes the Equal Justice Initiative and hangs out a shingle as a lawyer open to working on death row cases pro bono.

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