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“The Vanishing Half” is a novel by Brit Bennett about twin sisters who leave their small all-Black Louisiana town in search of new lives. Events occur which separate the sisters and lead them on individual journeys. One sister eventually returns home seeking safety from the danger she has found in the world. The other remains lost to the town as she seeks refuge from traumatizing events from her childhood which motivates her to pass as a White woman and obtain the safety of upper-class society.

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“Set It Off” is a 1996 film that tells the story of four Black women in Los Angeles who decide to get even with a world that seems intent on trying to keep them down. Friends since childhood who have grown up together in a housing project, the women experience a series of setbacks as they try to improve the living situations of themselves and their loved ones. Desperate and with little left to lose they decide to start robbing banks with hopes that the money will enable them to escape. But while each heist offers a bigger payday they also bring more problems and complications.

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“Menace II Society” is a 1993 film written by Tyger Williams and directed by The Hughes Brothers. I consider “Menace II Society” to be a part of the classic 1990s Black film canon. It contains similar themes to “Boyz in The Hood” and “South Central “by telling the story of young Black men growing up in environments where gangs fill the gaps left by their absent fathers.

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