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Alonzo Herdon was born a slave a few years before emancipation. Herdon went on to become a successful entrepreneur in Atlanta, GA despite being abandoned by his former master / father and only receiving one year of education as a boy.

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In this episode, we’ll be hearing from Tresa Chambers, a Communications Strategist from Newport News, Virginia. A move to New York City led to a chance encounter that could have resulted in her being on the back of a milk carton but instead moved her one step closer to her career dreams. In this interview we’ll discuss movement to achieve progress, defining and marking success, and being a resource for upcoming generations.

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In this episode, we’ll be hearing from Adekunle Oduye, a Design Technologist from my hometown, Brooklyn, New York. As a kid Adekunle had a strong passion for art and enjoyed creating abstract and landscape paintings. Needing a change of scenery in college, he studied abroad for a semester and used the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. In the interview, we discuss some aspects of web design as well as the importance of providing mentorship for young Black professionals who are entering the tech industry.

Career Interviews

In this episode we’ll be hearing from Christopher Taylor, a Job Hunt Strategist hailing from Chesterfield, Virginia. Chris’ work experience began with a Burger King broiler and later included an internship at Lizzie Grubman Public Relations, a decade in sales at a large company, and few years as a headhunter before striking out on his own. In addition to his past roles, Chris also shares his philosophy on the importance of identifying your passions as well as understanding the unique skills you can bring to a company.

Career Interviews

I visited The Legacy Museum, if not the first week, then the second week that it opened. The Legacy Museum was created by the Equal Justice Initiative and is located in Montgomery, Alabama. It’s a few blocks away from The National Memorial for Peace and Justice about a 15-minute or so walk and obviously a shorter distance driving.

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