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If you’re interested in learning about the first Black woman in America to charter a bank, then my Black History Short about Maggie Lena Walker’s later life is for you.

Historical Profile

If you’re interested in learning about the second woman overall and the first Black woman to brave the elements, bandits, and wild animals to serve as a United States Post Office Star Route Carrier, then my Mary “Stagecoach Mary” Fields Black History Short is for you.

Historical Profile

A profile of the Rosewood Massacre, a racially motivated attack on the town of Rosewood, Florida and its residents.

Historical Profile

“Negroes and the Gun” by Nicholas Johnson grabbed my attention from the beginning. While the book includes stats, figures, and general events much of the history of armed Black self-defense is told through the experiences of historical figures. In some instances, I’d heard about these events but the author takes special care in describing the mood and providing details. This allows you to imagine yourself witnessing these events in your mind’s eye. What could have been a boring topic springs to life because it’s told through these riveting stories and personal accounts.

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A review of the film “Judas and the Black Messiah” which tells the story of how an FBI informant infiltrated the Chicago chapter of the Black Panthers and aided in the assassination of Fred Hampton.

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