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“Black Fortunes” by Shomari Wills tells the story of the first six Black Americans who became millionaires in the years following slavery. It serves as a mini-biography for each individual, giving insight into their early life and then detailing the path they took to accumulate their wealth. For the most part, the book linearly tells each person’s story but jumps back and forth between the subjects as the book moves through the years.

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“The Color of Law” by Richard Rothstein charts the history of how local, state, and federal government policies and programs segregated cities across America. It disputes the widely promoted idea that individual racism and racist beliefs were the sole cause of housing segregation and the resulting discrimination that followed. Reaching back to the first wave of the Great Migration in the 1920s, Rothstein thoroughly explains how in most cases, the government led the charge in creating segregated communities even in locations where none had previously existed and citizens had no desire for these restrictive zoning patterns.

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A historical profile of the Negro Leagues, which consisted of various Black teams and Black baseball leagues that operated during the time of major league baseball’s color barrier. Black Baseball clubs and teams had existed before the major leagues so they were able to continue playing against each other despite being shut out. Under Rube Foster’s vision and guidance, the Negro Leagues experienced its first period of prosperity during what came to be referred to as the “golden age of Black baseball”.

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In the February 2020 edition of Noire News I’ll be discussing feature stories about the stigma of mental illness, the injustice system, Guyana’s emergence as a player in the oil industry, the larger issues surrounding Snoop Dogg v. Gayle King, attacks on civilians in Cameroon and Nigeria. I’ll also touch on notable deaths across the diaspora and will close out with some good news and some programs you or someone you know might be interested in participating.

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