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A profile of Ma Rainey, a blues singer and songwriter whose prodigious output and distinct delivery established her as an early legend in the genre.

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“Standing in the Shadows of Motown” is a 2002 documentary about the Funk Brothers, a group of talented musicians who backed Motown’s singers on tour but most importantly studio sessions. As individuals as well as a group, the Funk Brothers were relatively unknown to the mainstream public despite performing on Motown’s biggest hits.

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If you’re interested in learning about the musician turned songwriter and music publisher who is considered the godfather of the blues, my W.C. Handy Black History Short is for you.

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“My Life with Earth, Wind & Fire is an autobiography by Maurice White written in collaboration with Herb Powell. The book tells the story of White’s early life growing up in Memphis and his eventual move to Chicago where he decided to pursue music as a career. Fans of Earth Wind & Fire might particularly enjoy learning about the vision that went into forming the group, the making of various songs, and how it was all translated for live stage shows. The book would also be a great pick for people who are interested in music history and/or the music industry though they might not necessarily be fans of the band.

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If you’re interested in learning about a versatile singer who gave an amazing performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after racists prevented her from performing at Constitution Hall, my Marian Anderson Black History Short is for you.

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