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A profile of Sojourner Truth, an abolitionist and women’s rights activist who was born a slave, walked to freedom, and successfully sued for custody of her son.

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A profile of Harriet Tubman’s life covering her childhood, the events that motivated her to escape from slavery, her life after escaping to freedom, time as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and service in the Union Army.

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A discussion of Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington, an autobiography covering his experience as a child born into slavery, his struggle to obtain an education, and his time spent helping to establish what would become Tuskegee University.

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A profile of the profound abolitionist and author Frederick Douglass which covers his childhood, escape from slavery, abolitionism, and later life.

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Released in 1989, “Glory” is a modern classic film featuring Stellar performances from many actors. The movie tells the story of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, its formation, and activities during the Civil War leading up to the charge on Fort Wagner. At this point, the movie has been out for 30 years now so I’ll assume that I won’t be spoiling the movie for anyone by discussing specific events in the film.

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