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“Kindred” is a 1979 novel by Octavia E. Butler that blends science fiction with historical fiction by combining time travel with slave narratives. Dana is a Black woman who is a writer living in Los Angeles. She suddenly finds herself being transported back and forth between the then-present and a plantation in Maryland before the Civil War. During her travels to the past, Dana meets ancestors both enslaved and slave owners at different points in their lives. In effort to ensure that she will exist in the future, Dana tries to balance navigating antebellum society with attempting to have a positive influence on her ancestors.

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“They Were Her Property” by Stephanie Jones-Rogers discusses the role that White women played in the institution of slavery. It’s pointed out that so often, in part because of patriarchy, White women are not perceived as having played an active role in slavery. This is because White women were also subjugated by the patriarchal society of the time and did not have voting rights or other basic civil and civic rights that were afforded to men. But as we see throughout history, and is explained here in this book, an individual or group of people being oppressed does not mean that they themselves are incapable of oppression.

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“Stamped from the Beginning” by Ibram X. Kendi provides a history of America’s racist ideas. Organized into five sections, the book tells the history of not just Black people in America but also how racist ideologies developed over time. This history is also viewed through the lens of categorizing people, events, and concepts into three positions on a spectrum ranging from racist to anti-racist. Of particular interest are explanations of the nuance of items that fall in the middle.

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If you’re interested in learning about the Mexican general of mixed African descent who abolished slavery after helping the country achieve independence, then my Vicente Guerrero Black History Short is for you.

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“The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross” is a 2013 documentary presented and written by Henry Louis Gates Jr. which tells the history of Black people in America. Over six episodes, Gates and other historians relate the events and experiences that shaped the lives of Black people. It ventures back to Africa before the first slaves landed on the shores of the Americas up to the present of a few years ago. In some regards, the documentary is like a visual companion piece to Before the Mayflower.

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